Duran Duran drummer Roger Taylor revealed the band are in the early stages of working on a biopic.

He said they were aiming for the kind of Hollywood-style production that made Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and Elton John’s Rocketman successful productions.

“It’s something that is under discussion,” Taylor told the Sun in a recent interview. “It’s being discussed and we’ve had different scripts and ideas put forward. We haven’t quite decided on the right one yet. But there are things in development so we will see where they go. We would love to do something like that and I think something will happen in the next few years.”

He added that the band wanted high-quality actors to play them. “It would have to be someone who’s on the cusp of their career, who’s got the right look, the right vibe,” he said of whoever will depict his own character in the movie. “[T]hat’s going to take some time to find, I think.”

Last week, Duran Duran released their latest album Future Past, marking nearly two decades since they reunited following their 1985 split. “I cannot believe it has all gone so quickly,” Taylor reflected. “I think I just saw it as a reunion, and reunions can be short-lived, often it’s hard for people to bed in together again. But the four of us just seem to have something special.”

He added: “We don’t really discuss too far into the future. As long as we stay healthy and relatively sane – which we will, we’re all in a good place now – I can see it continuing for quite a while.”

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