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A viral video trend in which someone repeatedly strikes a helmeted guitarist in the head with a blunt object to the rhythm of them playing AC/DC's "Back in Black" has reached a violent new level. This month, at least two social media users have shared videos of themselves hitting the musician in the head with a frying pan.

See the videos near the bottom of this post.

Both guitarists are wearing protective headgear in the frying pan clips, mirroring the bike helmets and plastic bowls worn by others who've participated in the meme over the last year and a half. Still, it seems possible that the stunt with the pan could cause head trauma.

As recently reported by Classic Rock, a November video from the Instagram account @citando.musica shows a guitarist in a great helm (or a medieval knight's helmet) receiving a battering on the head from a pan-wielding woman to the beat of their "Back in Black" guitar strums.

It shares similarities to a TikTok clip from @thesolesnatcher187 in which a woman does the same thing to an AC/DC-playing musician in a pilot's helmet. And TikTok seems the be the video-sharing social media service where the trend has bloomed the post.

Last year, before a frying pan had entered the picture, the bludgeoned-to-AC/DC trend was leveraged on TikTok by bands such as AMH (Adam and the Metal Hawks), who have gone viral with other video memes before. Around the same time as their "Back in Black" redux, a video of the AC/DC trend involving a Baby Yoda puppet was posted to TikTok.

"Back in Black" is the classic title track on AC/DC's seventh studio album. It emerged as the effort's fourth U.S. single in December 1980. Back in Black was the influential Australian rock band's first album to feature current AC/DC singer Brian Johnson, who replaced the late vocalist Bon Scott that same year.

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